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Name:Tony Castelletto
Birthdate:Nov 4
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America


I'm an Information Scientist or at least that's what my PhD program thinks. This blog will contain my reflections on my studies and the field in general. Academically, I'm sort of a Jack of All Trades. My first interest as an undergrad was Cognitive Science. From there I returned the Physics I loved as a high school student. I eventually graduated with, if I understand my hippy school's transcripts right, a BS in Physics with a minor in Physical Chemistry, Psychology and Mathematics. From there I spent some time studying Planetary Atmospheres while working as a research tech on a variety of NASA projects at University of Michigan's Space Physics Lab. I then detoured into Computer Science at one of the first Internet Operations Centers. From there I climbed the OSI network hierarchy until I found myself developing user interfaces for library services. I got my MS in Information and Library Science back in 2008 while working as a strange combination of editor, librarian, programmer and linguist at a crazy little place called the Linguistic Data Consortium. I'm now a PhD student at UCLA at least as of Fall 2011. I'll apologize in advance for the frequent typos. I often blog late at night while still keyed up from some other project, creative or academic. This means that I suffer from a nasty combination of nervous energy and exhaustion when I write these stream of consciousness essays. I eventually correct and edit these things. Days when I'm not posting while under the influence, I struggle against the burden of having a cat passed out on my right hand. This can make typing challenging.


  • University of California, Los Angeles: Information Science 20011-Whenever I get that PhD.

  • Drexel University: Master of Science Library and Information Science 2005ish-2008

  • University of Michigan: Physics and Atmospheric Science 1991-1992

  • The Evergreen State College: Bachelor of Science Physics, Physical Chemistry and Cognitive Science 1987-1991

Professional Experience

  • Linguistic Data Consortium 2004-2010: Publication Programmer

  • EY Productions 2003-2004: Database Developer and Analyst

  • University of Michigan Digital Library Production Service 2000-2002: Programmer/Analyst

  • University of Michigan Medical School 1997-2000: Computer System Consultant

  • ANS 1996: Internet Engineer and Provisioner

  • University of Michigan(MERIT and CICNET) Internet Operations Center 1994-1996: Network Operator

  • University of Michigan Space Physics Laboratory 1991-1994: Engineering Research Technician


  • Fredrik Hoholm, Xiaodong Zhu, Francis T. Ashton, Andrea S. Freeman, Yuri Veklich, Anthony Castelletto, Steve Lamont, and Gerhard A. Schad (2005). New oral linguiform projections and their associated neurons in the third-stage infective larva of the parasitic nematode Oesophagostomum dentatum. Journal of Parasitology, 91(1), 61-8.

  • Production Editor on the Global Yoruba Lexical Database by Yiwola Awoyale.

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